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Kaneda Records reviewing "Tension"

SkinMechanix track is a deeply atmospheric affair, opening with a plethora of cinematic noise and haunting metallic textures that swirl and develop. The track builds via crunchy pulsating chords, discordant trance leads and delicate piano licks, taking detours through spacious breakdowns. This is a must for any Nine Inch Nails fans.

On Saturday, SKinmechanix hit the Tanners early on with a hark back to the 80's synth sound reminiscent of The Normal. Their dreamy hypnotic sounds with interesting vocal lines was the perfect start to the evening.

I've worked with these guys on and off for twenty years and they never, ever cease to amaze. One minute, they're channeling lush piano leads and harmonies, and the next, they're grinding out power metal guitar riffs that make the windows rattle. Every session is different. Every session is a delight, and I cannot wait to hear what they'll come up with next.

Richard McGeddon, Producer

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Sorry but due to this thoroughly wretched Corona Virus there are no gigs currently in the pipeline.

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31-Aug-21 : Going Live...

The past eight months have been little more than a dull blur. I'm sad and frustrated and pissed at myself because I achieved none of my musical goals. Not one.

The reason? Life, I guess. I'm a Dad now and being a Dad comes with responsibilities. I want to be there whilst Chris is growing up. However, I still need to be me and I shouldn't loose sight of the fact that this thing called me needs an outlet. It's not an indulgence. It's not selfish. I need this for the good of my mental health. End of.

So... clearly a new start is/was required. A fresh start. A change of direction. A change of methods. Well, change... certainly.

So here it is...

I've been guilty of a little bit of introspective navel gazing, trying to figure out why we're not rock mega-Gods, why nobody has heard of us and why we're not playing the biggest and best of the region's festivals.

This is my current theory...

Ever since this strange adventure began some thirty years ago, I've always placed far greater emphasis on creating new and original pieces of music over and above live performance. We'd write an album and then gig it, assuming, of course, that anyone was sufficiently interested in the material to book us.

However, the end result has always been that rehearsals were rushed and our performances were unpolished and lacked professionalism. I openly acknowledge that we could (and should) have been so much better. I'm convinced that this is why concert promoters and festival organisers haven't been banging on our doors in recent years. That and the pandemic, of course. Other bands are much, much better at live performance than we are/I am.

So here's the new plan.

    First and foremost, I'm re-discovering my keyboard chops and the love of playing keys that flows from renewing my musical skills. I'm going through as many of my old pieces as I can find and re-learning the various parts, as well as attempting to re-work old ideas with the benefit of hindsight and experience. I know more now than I did thirty years ago. (Thank the Lord)

    Secondly, I'm actively working on The Best Set EVER so that, when we do get back to playing live, I'll be fully gig-ready and not cramming rehearsals right up to the last minute. The performance will be spot on and memorable for all the right reasons - the music was played with skill, dexterity and feeling - and not because I fucked up the piano solo again or missed my intro on the opening to Lovesong. I'll also be working on visuals and lighting, figuring out ways to make our performances really stand out.

    Thirdly, and importantly, work on new material won't stop. Writing new stuff will continue to be an essential component of the new Modus Operandi.

So, that's it. Off we go...